How to Get the Best Deals Online and Stay Safe on Cyber Monday

If Black Friday isn’t your thing you might consider Cyber Monday. According to Wikipedia, Cyber Monday is the first Monday following black Friday and was created by companies to encourage people to shop online. In 2011, customers spent over $6 billion dollars from November 28 to December 2.


How to Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals


Cyber Monday TipsBut, according to Yahoo Finance, don’t expect to to find great deals without a plan. You just can’t start browsing the internet and expect stumble upon big savings. Make sure you do your homework first. Know what you’re shopping for and do some searching around over the weekend. It’s best to narrow your list to a few items and spend time doing price comparisons. Then on Cyber Monday, search for items on your product list and see which site provides the best offer. You can also get a head start by checking out deal sites such as, and


But don’t stop there. Once you find your deal, try to maximize it by using a coupon code on sites like retailmenot, and Using a credit card might also help you save additional money. See what special offers your credit card company provides. Some offer bonus discounts.


Stay Safe Online


While you’re shopping online, make sure you’re taking steps to stay safe. According to Consumer Reports never use the same password for multiple websites. If hackers get the user name and password on one account they may try it on other accounts too.


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You can also go as far as creating separate email accounts per shopping website, but my feeling is most people won’t go to this trouble. Also, never use your name in a password or something that’s easily recognized. Create strong passwords with lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters.


Final Thought


Now for my budget disclaimer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have some good discounts but they’re never worth it if you don’t have the money. If you use a credit card make sure you can pay it off at the end of the month!