Home Maintenance Tips that Save Money

When quality declines and prices rise, home maintenance tips become very valuable. Easy household maintenance tips can save you lots of money on costly repairs and replacements.


Maintaining your possessions is an important part of saving money, but it’s also important as quality products become harder to find.


Here are just a few of my favorite money-saving home maintenance tips – tasks that any homemaker can accomplish on his or her own. Most take only minutes to do and help save money in the long run. Some projects are more involved, but by doing them you’ll save thousands.


Home Maintenance Tips That Save Money


Clean Out Your Dryer Lent Trap


The importance of cleaning out your dryer lent trap is well known when it comes to preventing household fires and saving on energy. But did you know that cleaning out your lent trap can extend the life of your clothes dryer by double?  Lent is a significant cause of overheated dryer motors.


But it’s not enough to simply clean out the trap each time. If you use dryer sheets, you should wash your mesh lent trap at least every three months. The wax build up from the dryer sheets will collect on the mesh lent trap, preventing airflow and proper dust collection (regardless of how often you simply empty the trap)! You can of course chose to not use dryer sheets and prevent the wax build-up all together.


tips to save money


To prevent the possibility of a fire you should also clean the lint out of the exhaust pipe each year. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of recommendations to help you prevent the possibility of a fire from poor dryer maintenance.


These home maintenance tips also help you keep your home more dust free, saving you time and cleaning costs.


Change Your Heating and Air Conditioning Filter


Change your forced air system filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions; typically every 30 to 90 days depending on the type and brand of the filter.


This simple activity saves on energy costs because it increases the airflow of your unit, allowing it to run efficiently. Airborne particles can build up on moving parts, hoses, etc. and the dust and mold buildup can hinder the performance of the blower motor. Stave off costly repairs and prolong the life of your air-conditioner/heater by changing your HVAC filters regularly.


How to Maintain Your Upholstered Furniture


Dust and light can make fabric brittle; it breaks down the fibers causing wear, tears, fading, and premature aging.  Preventing these effects as much as possible is a money-saving household maintenance tip that adds years to the life of your upholstered furniture. Not to mention, your furniture will look great too.


Vacuum your upholstered furniture and rugs at least once a week. If the cushions on your sofa have zippered covers, wash them at least twice a year when you do your spring and fall cleaning (on cold, air dry so they don’t shrink!).  And, always spot clean immediately when an accident occurs.


Do not place upholstered furniture in front of a window because it will fade. If you must place it in front of a window, protect the fabric with UV fabric spray and place UV guard on your windows to minimize the effects of sunlight on your fabrics. This upgrade to your windows will not only prolong the life of your rugs, upholstery and drapes, it will save you on energy costs as well.


If you have pets or children, establish rules such as no eating on the sofa or training your pet to only lie on a blanket on your sofa.


Paint to Prevent Wood Rot on Your Home


Thousands of dollars can be saved by maintaining your home’s painted and stained surfaces. Not only does regular painting prevent rot, it also prevents excess warping, which can cause an entirely new set of costly problems.


Painting is expensive and time consuming, but it’s much less costly than repairs.


Have your Roof Inspected by an Expert Roofing Company


The time to repair your roof isn’t when there’s a leak! Have an insured roofing company inspect your roof every few years, particularly if there is more than one layer of shingles.


An expert roofing company may be able to help you declare homeowners insurance to cover repairs for a worn roof that needs updating, even if there hasn’t been a catastrophic event like a downed-tree or an obvious hole in the roof.


Home Maintenance Tips: Keep a Termite Policy on your Home


You may think the extra money on this type of insurance policy isn’t worth it. Most people, after all, only get an expensive once-a-year bait replacement or chemical spraying.


But ask anyone who has ever had termites. It can happen to any house, old or new, and with any type of construction that contains wood – even slab on grade. You stand to fork out thousands to make repairs, and after it happens, you’ll probably be getting a termite policy anyway.


Easy Faucet and Toilet Repair Saves Money


When it comes to saving money on water, leaks need to be prevented or stopped quickly.


For the cost of a rubber washer or a toilet flap, you can save hundreds. If you hear a drip or a constantly running toilet, go to the hardware store as soon as you can. Changing a rubber washer or toilet flap only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s something anyone can do (with the help of instructions off the internet). There’s no need to call a plumber for this easy fix.


Wash Your Patio and Lawn Furniture


Not many people think of washing that patio furniture at the end of a season, but it’s one of those home maintenance tips that can really save you money.


Use a scrub brush, soap and water to remove dust and dirt that breaks down fabric and wood. Prevent mold by allowing your furniture to dry well before storing it from upcoming inclement weather.


Always oil your teak wood furniture after cleaning it. Teak and other outdoor wood furniture should be oiled at least once a year.